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Home Maintenance Inspection

A home maintenance inspection is essentially the same as a standard home inspection, but the inspection is done for the current owner. Most of these homeowners have been in their homes for over five years, and they may or may not have had their home inspected at the time they purchased it. One small difference between a buyer’s inspection and a home maintenance inspection is that we don’t test the appliances during a maintenance inspection. Homeowners already know about every little funky issue with their appliances, they don’t need us to test out the burners on their stove for them. We do inspect the installation of the appliances though.

Another difference between a buyers inspection and a homeowner maintenance inspection is that we sometimes go a little ‘Mike Holmes‘ on the house by cutting into stuff or taking stuff apart that we wouldn’t normally do for a traditional home inspection. While a traditional buyers inspection is subject to a purchase agreement with standard language saying it’s a non-invasive inspection, we don’t have those kinds of limitations with a maintenance inspection. Usually, the homeowner is right there with us for the maintenance inspection. If a homeowner wants to open up a wall to have us check something out while we’re there, they can do that.

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