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5 Disadvantages of Not Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection

A Pre-Purchase inspection from Fahlman Home Inspections can address all but one of the following disadvantages.

At Fahlman Home Inspections we believe that there are many advantages to having a pre-purchase inspection done. This short list will outline 5 of them.

1. No protection in a court of law if a significant problem should arise (this is the one we can’t address)

2. You have no idea what repairs will be needed, and the costs involved over the next few years.

3. As time goes by, minor repairs become costly extensive repairs.

4. The house may be a “flip” (An older run-down house bought, updated and resold by a contractor or by somebody aspiring to be a contractor). Sometimes not everything is brought up to the current building codes, i.e. ungrounded wiring.

5. The peace of mind provided by a Fahlman Home Inspections Pre-Purchase inspection is missing.

Contact Fahlman Home Inspections for an appointment and we will meet with you or your team to explain in detail all of the benefits of the Post-Listing Inspection and how it can improve your sales and your customer’s buying experience.

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